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GUI Creative are essentially a Digital Marketing company, but we also design for print, so that we can offer our clients a more complete solution.

As a result we can provide a wide range of services, from copywriting to email marketing, business cards to brochures, search engine marketing to full corporate branding and from portfolio websites, through e-commerce websites to workflow management systems.

Our range of services means that we are ideal for soul traders and new start ups as well as larger established companies and organisations.


If you really want to stand head and shoulders above the competition, it is all about Brand! Branding is the thing which makes you think of one company predominantly regarding one product. If you think of mobile phones you think of… if you think of vacuum cleaners you think of… if you think of cooking you think of…

Branding is the thing which makes your product so easily memorable that people involuntarily bring to mind when thinking of a service that you offer. It encorporates the company name, the logo, the strapline, the brand colours, brand imagery, etc. Branding is costly and takes time, but it is the most powerful form of marketing and its impact will be felt for years after the initial investment.


We can design and print brochures for you in a number of formats, sizes and finishes. Give us your imagery and text and we will put it together, or we can do everything and write the copy for you, source the photos or take them ourselves and design the brochure style and layout, before preparing it for print and overseeing the print process.

Business cards

Business cards are not quite as essential as they were ten years ago, but they are still a powerful networking tool and we can design and print eye-catching cards that are on brand, with a variety of finishes, that will let people know that you are serious from the word go.


If you don’t have your own copy, we can write your copy for you. Leading copywriters of dynamic and engaging content, we will make your writing sing.


If you want to sell your products of services online, we are the people to talk to. Having successfully launched companies onto the internet with their web stores, we are in a great position to offer you our expertise and hold your hand throughout the process of moving your business online.

Email marketing

A very powerful way of reaching out to your clients and to new clients is to tap into the power of Email Marketing. It is a vital part of and sales campaign and integral to maintaining client loyalty.

We manage email marketing campaigns using MailChimp and can look after everything from HTML email design and mailing list administration or acquisition, through copywriting to the actual mailing and subscription management.


Whether you are running a Salsa night, teaching drum lessons or advertising a gig, fliers are still the go to means of distributing advertising into the hands of the general public.

Never underestimate the power of a flier to help spread the word about your product, event or service. People like to have something beautiful and well produced actually in their hand. People are tactile and fliers are a tangible and pleasing medium.

HTML emails

If you would like your emails to look ultra professional, with images, layout and personalisation, HTML emails are the way foward. Extremely flexible and powerful HTML allow you to brand your emails and draw in your readers with a bit of the wow factor.


Leaflets are the standard format for handing out to passers by, or posting through doors and are timeless in there use and appeal. You can have single-sided, double-sided, matt or gloss, different weights and even folded leaflets designed to your specifications.

Logo design

A company’s logo is the single most important piece of brand collateral. It is the thing that brings brand loyalty more than any other graphical element of the marketing portfolio. A good logo can make the difference between being memorable or not.


Get seen! Increase your visibility around town, in venues, beside busy routes. Put your imagery and info onto a board, laminate them for external use or present them in a portable A-frame. Let people see you from a distance.


Whether this be Market Research, or researching content for an email marketing campaign, we have got your back. We love producing engaging, informative and targetted literature and our passion for words can lift your company and deliver it to your clients in just the right way.

Site maintenance

Once your site is designed, built and launched, you may not want to maintain it yourself. We will happily take this off your hands to whatever degree you want. Whether it is just technical support, or whether you want us to take on the running of the whole site, copywriting, blogging, marketing and all, we can.

Web marketing

Web marketing can take many forms, but the main areas are Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and other non-search engine orientated digital marketing.

SEO is about making sure the code behind the site is optimised for search engines. To a certain extent this comes as standard with all website builds, but there are higher level, premium SEO techniques that can be employed too for greater search engine impact. SEM is basically Google Adwords, but targetting paid articles and advertising on other websites, such as Facebook can be very effective. Other digital marketing options are so various, it is difficult to discuss here, but include link building, blogging, advertising, article writing and many other things, all of which we can do in-house.

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